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Buying land


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Are you looking for land for your business to build new premises? Using their sound knowledge of local markets, our consultants will be able to advise you, and find the appropriate site for your property plans.

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You need

To build suitable premises for your business

You would like to find a plot of land combining the key points of your search process:

  • Finding the appropriate location


  • Calculating the surface area needed for your plans


  • Negotiating the purchase price of the land


  • Estimating the local taxes for your site


  • Investigating your requirements in terms of facilities

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Our services

Finding your future location

Our experienced consultants offer you advice, support and guidance in finding your future location:


  • Establish the property specification for the project – location, size, characteristics, budget, services, future technical requirements, and so on.


  • Present the market and identify available land able to take a building matching your property specification (feasibility study)


  • Determine together the selection criteria for your search, and the ultimate choices


  • Visit the sites selected


  • Select, with you, the property developer(s) best able to undertake your development project


  • Draw up a short-list and analyse the properties with benchmarking and an initial financial analysis


  • Offer you support and guidance on the technical structure


  • Negotiate and sign, along with you, the final version of your lease or deed of sale

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The benefits to you

An efficient choice of location through proven methods

  • Access to both "visible" and "off market" opportunities through our knowledge of stakeholders


  • Presentation of the most appropriate solutions


  • Full understanding of the issues and constraints around each plot of land presented

Your Contacts

Prioux Christophe

Christophe Prioux
Letting & sales
+331 47 59 17 21


Roulleau Jean-Baptiste

Jean-Baptiste Roulleau
Letting & sales
+331 47 59 17 21


Vauvert Florent

Letting & sales


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We have an offer of real estate funds regularly renewed. For institutional investors, we offer bespoke services of asset management.

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