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Selling a hotel or finding an operator


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Full understanding of the special features of local or international hotel markets is an essential condition for your plans' success. Our teams of consultants offer you support and guidance throughout your hotel-sector project.

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You need

To organise the disposal of hotel assets

As an institutional or private investor, you need to ensure that all the conditions to make your plans a success are met before making any commitment.


  • Anticipate market trends and analyse economic indicators for greater reliability when deciding your strategy directions


  • Identify the best investment opportunities


  • Understand the key factors in a hotel's success


  • Generate value from hotel assets while adhering to regulatory constraints

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Our services

Adapt to the unique nature of your hotel sector plans

Our staff can help at every stage in the lifecycle of your hotel property to facilitate decision-making and optimise the factors behind successful hotel property transactions


  • Analyse your hotel's market positioning, evaluate its potential and the projected cash flow from operations


  • Work on strategic analysis and financing with a view to investment decisions, mergers or spin-offs


  • Periodically update the value of your hotel assets – our valuers inspect your properties, analyse the components making up your hotel's overall performance, and establish the most appropriate valuation method.


  • Provide an independent valuation to optimise the value of your assets: budget audit, investment analysis and monitoring, management contract audit


  • Conduct RFPs with hotel chains, aiming to selecting the best chain


  • Negotiate management contracts, affiliation agreements and commercial leases


  • Identify the  buyers likely to offer the best financial terms and guarantees of meeting them


  • Structure all the legal, planning, accounting and financial components needed to make your transaction a success

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The benefits to you

Optimum conditions for your transaction

A transaction conducted under the best possible conditions and timescales for optimum hotel sector investment


  • A unique hotel industry database – our in-depth knowledge of the sector ensures you receive a high-quality professional service


  • Comprehensive understanding of the property chain and the strategic development of a hotel asset portfolio


  • Marketing techniques backed up by perpetual monitoring of our local and international networks

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Jean-François Morineau
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We have an offer of real estate funds regularly renewed. For institutional investors, we offer bespoke services of asset management.

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Whether to estimate a building or a property portfolio, our experts help their clients to evaluate their property heritage, as well as their exposure to risks.

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