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Lease negotiation assistance - BNP Paribas Real Estate

Managing the various stages in lease negotiation


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Determining the financial and legal issues surrounding a lease is a decisive factor in successful negotiation. In a situation of constantly shifting regulations, our staff undertake ongoing monitoring of best practice in the marketplace.

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You need

To optimise the terms in lease negotiations

  • Renegotiate my lease 


  • Take out a lease on new premises

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Our services

Support and guide our clients in negotiating their leases

Our consultant staff help you to:

  • Reconstruct your current occupancy costs


  • Analyse the amount of rent paid


  • Identify negotiation levers, e.g. Article L.145-39 rent review terms, alternative hypotheses, etc.


  • Examine the statutory lease clauses – division of the various service and repair costs (Art. 605 and 606), arrangements for vacating the property


  • Determine the target negotiation level


  • Lead negotiation meetings, ensure understanding of both parties' requirements, formally record progress made

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The benefits to you

Optimisation of your property cash flows

  • Up-to-date knowledge of current regulation and practice 


  • Proven expertise in landlord/occupier negotiations


  • An internal Research department that is unique in France, ensuring complete knowledge of market values

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Jérémie PAPON
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