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Residential development schemes

Designing residential property development schemes


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Whether you are an institutional investor or a local authority, we can bring our property plans to fruition with you, working together from the first sketches to the warranty period.

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You need

To build high-quality housing developments in a partnership

  • Making use of a reliable partner able to manage all aspects of your project


  • Investing in high-quality, profit-making, residential housing schemes


  • Designing attractive, high-quality housing for a local client base

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Our services

Offering bespoke housing solutions for every project

  • Producing feasibility studies

Depending on your objectives, regardless of the stage your plans have reached, our staff are able to play a role in defining your project and producing a full feasibility study that includes the planning, technical and economic factors affecting the site, whether it be for a single building or an estate.



  • Constructing housing development schemes

We are convinced that a successful project is underpinned by continuous dialogue with local authorities to specifically and appropriately meet requirements in terms of architecture, the environment and mixed use schemes.

From planning permission to the warranty period, we are involved at every project stage.



  • Sales of whole blocks tailored to meet your financial resources for investment

We offer products that give you management independence.


  • Marketing of our schemes to private home buyers or investors

Our specialist staff advise and guide private buyers in selecting the right property for them from those on our books.

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The benefits to you

A single project benefiting from our expertise

  • Quality of the architecture and interior appointments

We attach particular importance to the selection of the finest architects to ensure the quality of our properties in terms of appearance, durability of the building and respect for the environment.


  • In-depth knowledge of private buyers' requirements

Our Property Development staff are in constant contact with buyers through our showrooms and sales offices. Our attitude surveys provide comprehensive knowledge of their expectations and upcoming trends.


We are the only operator to have developed a Green Suppliers Charter under which the industry partners we use have undertaken to meet strict environmental criteria (carbon assessment, waste management, selection of energy sources, packaging).


View more on Sustainable Development


  • The guarantee of financial soundness found in a property market leader

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