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We possess substantial experience in the area of land development in partnership with local authorities and major landowners. Our philosophy is based on dialogue, discussion and attentiveness, to produce fitting and ambitious development projects.

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You need

To revitalise tired areas or generate value from large sites

  • Build aspirational urban developments, boosting your town's image and giving it a shot in the arm


  • Rise to the big issues of contemporary townscapes – urban integration, mixed-use schemes, the requirements of architectural and environmental quality


  • Make use of a partner able to manage a development project from draft to delivery


  • Retain control over development project timescales and building costs


  • Generate value from your land and land assets

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Our services

Ensuring project feasibility in an operator-engineering coordinator role

  • Manage and finance urban development reports for the planning permission process

Together, we produce the reports necessary to develop the project, with architects, town planners and specialist consultants, while abiding by the objectives set by the local authority, and consistent with property markets.


  • Determine the appropriate legal and financial structure

Optimise the conditions under which the project is developed by studying various possible financial structures, with the target of a swift operational commitment within budget.


  • Support and guide you in the dialogue process with public- and private-sector stakeholders, and attend consultation meetings

Our communication staff are able to draft the materials necessary for communication and consultation activities related to the projects (models, 3D film, special website, etc.).


  • Purchase the land, after meeting all the administrative requirements (Local Urban Development Plan, obtaining the building permit, etc.)

Once a project is approved and planning permission obtained, we start on enhancing the land's value.


  • Fulfil the site development plan in partnership with all those involved

Our project ownership teams take charge of all administrative and operational tasks needed to carry out development projects. Depending on the structure chosen, we are also able to work in partnership with public-sector stakeholders in development matters (public institutions, PPPs (with majority public-sector interest), local development corporations, etc.).


  • Complete and hand over public spaces and facilities to the local authority

We are able to build all roadways and utilities facilities in partnership with the major public concession holders. We are also able to build certain public service facilities (nurseries, schools, community premises, care homes for the elderly, etc.).


  • Market and build the planned property schemes

We possess the full set of skills and resources to directly build housing, office and retail schemes, and to market them both locally and to investors (private, institutional, social landlords) by making use of one of the most potent property marketing networks in France and Europe

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The benefits to you

A vibrant and diverse urban neighbourhood, and a value-creating process

  • Proven experience in running large urban development projects

We possess substantial experience in the area of large-scale developments, based on BNP Paribas Real Estate's specific added value, with our unique integration of all property-related business lines making it possible to combine our skills in the fields of valuation, sales and marketing, project management, or indeed as an investor in all or part of the development schemes involved.


  • Significant references showing our commitment to projects' construction, architectural and environmental quality

We attach particular importance to the quality of our properties in terms of architecture, durability of the building and respect for the environment. We are, in this regard, working in several "Eco-districts" and our firm wins regular awards for its work on its major projects.


View more on Sustainable Development

  • Market knowledge

With our Transaction staff, we have both a local presence and an international network offering genuine expertise as regards market expectations in terms of development programmes, property products, types and prices.


  • The guarantee of financial soundness found in a property market leader

Our firm possesses the full financial resources necessary to implement development projects.

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