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If you are a landlord, investor or asset manager, and are planning to acquire a retail outlet, our teams of specialist consultants, on the strength of 25 years of experience, will be able to best advise you on your requirements.

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You need

Support and guidance in finding the best returns

Good management of a retail portfolio to optimise its returns can be difficult without up-to-date information   We offer you support and guidance in:


  • Generating a profit from your investment with support in analysing your property assets so as to optimise future income


  • Finding a tenant as quickly as possible meeting your value creation criteria


  • Selecting properties meeting your acquisition criteria

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Our services

The lynchpin in relationships between investor-owners and retail chains

Our industry-leading experience in our line of business enables you to put an effective strategy  in place:


  • Define, with you, the size of outlet to create or develop, to match the search criteria of the best retail chains and enable you to maximise the return from your asset


  • Identify the best-performing retail chain to lease your site by means of the transactions we have recently conducted and our national and international knowledge of retail chains


  • Provide advice for the long term, consequently making a close and fruitful working partnership possible between the landlord and the occupier


  • Produce valuations to optimise the return from your properties.


  • Conduct a thorough analysis of the various markets

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The benefits to you

Finding the means to maximise the return on your investment

  • Reduced vacant periods for your premises


  • Confidentiality and a single point of contact


  • Continuous search for rental performance on the basis of your tenant profile


  • Market information regularly updated


  • Access to historical databases

Your Contacts

Bono Philippe

Philippe Bono
Letting & sales
+331 47 59 17 21


Bonniol Thierry

Thierry Bonniol
Letting & sales


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