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Construction of new office buildings

Designing buildings meeting users' needs


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For over 35 years, we have been supporting and guiding our partners, property users and investors through successful projects. Our recognised expertise in office building incorporates the most stringent performance criteria on the market.

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You need

To buy, lease or restructure

  • Have your plans carried out according to your needs in terms of the quality, timescales and budget desired


  • Obtain lasting buildings, meeting sustainability requirements


  • Entrust your plans to a company that fully understands all the stages involved in a property project, by making use of a trusted partner


  • Undertake your project at a favourable time from a market viewpoint


  • Find financial partners to support you in achieving your plans.

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Our services

Offering you perfectly-designed buildings and appropriate arrangements

  • Define your projects working together, from the preliminary reports onwards

Help you to set out the conditions under which your property projects will be carried out (buildings governed by the French Labour Code or high-rise regulations), giving you the benefit of our technical, economic and architectural expertise.



  • Involvement at all project stages

From finding land to building delivery, we provide complete coordination of the administrative, financial, fiscal, technical and commercial aspects.



  • Understand and anticipate sustainability issues

Our staff design and build buildings eligible for the most stringent environmental certification and recognition, e.g. HQE (high environmental quality standard), BREEAM, LEED, etc., and with outstanding energy performance, e.g. France's BBC (low energy consumption) label, and so on.


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  • Select and coordinate the best talents for you

We choose renowned and talented architects. We select the best consultants and industry partners.


  • Technical expertise sourced in-house

Our in-house project management ensures the successful completion of all projects, and consequently oversees adherence to the schedule and budget while meeting the quality objectives set beforehand.



  • Offer you a wide range of legal structures

We can offer various arrangements for user turnkey or speculative developments:

-       Off-plan buildings

-       Property development contract

-       Joint venture

-       Joint property development

-       Turnkey lease / acquisition

-       Delegated project ownership



  • Close relationships with all market stakeholders

Our special relationships with local authorities, property users and investors make it possible to offer and complete high value-added developments in terms of quality of location, architectural quality, project security, new development projects, etc.

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The benefits to you

All the experience in property development for the tertiary sector

  • The guarantee of financial soundness found in a property market leader


  • A developer independent of the major construction firms

Our independence guarantees you transparency and control over the costs of carrying out your project.


  • Comprehensive knowledge of user requirements

With more than 3 million m2 of office space delivered, you gain the benefit of proven expertise in designing and constructing the most effective buildings.


  • Aspirational environmental performance

A leading name whose buildings have obtained HQE (high environmental quality) and BREEAM certification in France, our staff are at the forefront of sustainability, and know how to apply the most efficient and reliable solutions in keeping with your own CSR policy.


  • Award-winning expertise

We attach particular importance to the quality of our properties in terms of architecture, durability of the building and respect for the environment.

We regularly win awards for our renovation projects, including:

-       The 2009 "Grand Prix SIMI" (corporate property award) for Le Mermoz in Le Bourget

-       The 2008 "Grand Prix SIMI" for the Casino supermarket head office in Saint Etienne

-       The 2005 "Pyramide de Vermeil" sustainability award for the A4C building in Paris.

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Poisson François

François Poisson
Central Development France
Property Development


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