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Funds for private investors

Property investments in keeping with your objectives


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For private investors, selecting sound and consistent property investments while managing risk is a major decision. A range of specially adapted property products has been designed for this very situation. Our staff have been boosting the yield from investors' savings for over 40 years.

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You need

Diversify financial investments while simplifying access to property funds

  • Gain access to a range of varied financial investments enabling you to invest in office, retail, housing, etc. property markets 


  • Invest in various property markets in France, regardless of the amount of your savings


  • Build up an asset base over the long term with a regular income stream 


  • Identify solutions to optimise your tax burden (split ownership, property income (from land and unfurnished lettings), inheritance, income tax, etc.)

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Our services

Optimising your property investment objectives

On the basis of your investor profile and your financial investment strategy (returns, capitalisation, tax exemption, etc.) and your sensitivity to risk, our staff have been offering completely transparent support and guidance for over 40 years.


  • Find property market investments in keeping with your objectives: whether in housing, offices, or retail outlets, we can offer you easy access to property investment companies.


  • Within the identified range, select the appropriate financial product (French SCPIs (property investment companies), OPCIs (collective property investment schemes), SCIs (property holding companies, venture capital mutual investment funds, etc.)


View the list of our property funds here


  • Stay regularly informed of the use made of your money - we send you straightforward and transparent reports about the progress of your asset base


  • Organise your legacy in a personalised way – simplifying inheritance issues by selecting the solution best suited to your legatees.


  • Receive regular dividends from your investment


  • Housekeep your investments on an orderly market

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The benefits to you

A long-term relationship based on trust

  • The soundness of a ground-breaking company in the industry for over 40 years ensures a long-term relationship based on trust, furthering your asset base 


  • Proven experience in selecting and managing properties

We are in a position to select assets in high-potential areas, and to retain the best tenants.


  • Professional management

Our staff work strictly within the framework of ethical guidelines regulated by the French financial markets regulator, AMF.

Your Contacts

Jean-Michel Gomes

Jean-Michel Gomes
Investment Management
+33 1 55 65 26 93


D'Heilly Camille

Camille D'Heilly
Investment Management
+331 47 59 17 21


Wantiez-Desjardins Brigitte

Brigitte Wantiez-Desjardins
Investment Management
+331 55 65 23 55


Sigrid Duhamel

Sigrid Duhamel
Investment Management
+33 1 55 65 23 55


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